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The Full Story


In the 1700's, Red Cross was a community known mostly as a junction of transportation between two roads, today known as Highway 24/27 and Highway 205. This being before paved roads, the name came from the notoriously slick, red clay that made travel difficult during rough weather. Since the beginning of its settlement, Red Cross has consisted primarily of family-owned farms and homesteads, many of which still exist today.

In the early 1900's, local farmer Dan Hinson built and operated one of the largest stores in Stanly County at our crossing. The building survives today and is a symbol of our community's rich past. Dan's grandson, Mike Hinson, maintained the building as recently as 2022, when it was sold and began restoration under its new ownership.

In 1945, a group of community members founded Red Cross Baptist Church. The original wooden structure, painted white, was replaced  in 1969 with the brick building that is seen today. 

The Town of Red Cross was incorporated in 2002. As neighboring town's and growth from Charlotte inevitably began to spread toward our community, local leaders decided it was time to bring the community together with the founding of our own local government. The motivation behind the town's founding is summed up in a quote by one of its incorporation committee members, J.D. Hinson, saying: "We don't want to be a town, but if we are going to, we want to be our own town." Based off of the idea that Red Cross should remain rural and taxes should remain low, there was enough local support to apply for a town charter. Raleigh granted the request and The Town of Red Cross was born.


Paving of the Highway

In 1927, Highway 24/27 connecting Albemarle to Charlotte was paved through Red Cross. (Higher quality image to come soon.)

Hinson's Store

Local farmer Dan Hinson built one of the largest store's in Stanly County during the time of the depression. It has been used as a general store, car and tractor dealership, Stanly Knitting Mills, County Maintenance Department, an antique store, and more. This aerial shot was taken sometime before Highway 24/27 was widened. Dan's grandson, Mike Hinson, had the building moved, preserving it and a rich part of our community's history for future generations.


In the Field

A young J.D. Hinson operates the tractor while bailin' hay.

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